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Hey Riita! Consult and teacher Seriita Montiel is answering your general numerology questions.

Predicting the future.  Transits
After many years, my findings is that Cancer is intrinsic in Number 3. Cancer is one of the diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells.  
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Adding Up You

When your Pinnacle changes, the whole focus of your life can dramatically change! If your Personal Year and Pinnacle align, this indicates a central theme in your life and a year in which you should be very sensible and take reasonable care to avoid unnecessary risks.   

PINNACLES: Very predictive cyclical changes; thus, four of the most important numbers of your lifetime! More often than not, there are significant adjustments needed in the first couple of years after you shift to a new Pinnacle! That being so, it behooves you to get a numerology consultation in your Personal Year 7 or Personal Year 8.

There are numerous ways to foretell future events, or reveal essential knowledge about yourself. For starters, there are three distinct periods in your life, termed Life Cycles; Formative Years, Productive Years, and Harvest Years. Divining The Heavens

Health: Heart disease/heart problems, back problems. 1 identifies our principal character, natural strengths, likes and dislikes, emotions, and health. For example, Bobby's birthday is November 10; he's a 1 Born, a Ruling Number that indicates problems due to physical exhaustion, troubles with eyesight, and poor circulation problems that are often due to high blood pressure,  cholesterol, and diabetes.  
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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is typically an early childhood disorder. 
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Adults can have ADHD too.
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Get to it,  excavate core pieces of evidence about you!