Seriita Montiel.

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Career Guidance
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College Counseling
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Educationalist Seriita Montiel is expressly committed to positively shaping the lives of young adults through self-awareness, education, and inspiration. 


Book Seriita Montiel for your teen summer camps & programs, graduate workshops or your next career seminar or expo. Rates vary by location, time, audience size, cost of flying and driving.


Inspiring Self-Awareness


Educationalist Seriita Montiel is among the world's finest forward-thinking thought-leaders of our modern day. Seriita's detail and accuracy have fashioned her as a go-to person in her field of expertise. Seriita has a long-standing record of volunteering, inspiring and giving a voice to those who often go unheard.


During her twenty-eight year corporate career, Seriita, a Life Number 1, displayed her natural leadership abilities. Her professional management career broadened her understanding of the subtleties of human nature. As well, she became very acquainted with corporate hiring practices and employee hiring, and engagement for sustainability. 


Seriita earned a B.S. in Public Administration and graduated with honors. Throughout the years of her primary and secondary education, while others chatted on the school bus, Seriita crammed for tests or, got an early start on her homework allowing more leisure time when she arrived home. Hence the site name School Bus.


The School Bus is ideal for anyone wanting to get acquainted with numerology quickly.


Seriita's goal is to support you inexcavating’ the core pieces of evidence about you and your natural abilities. In a less structured and more creative way, the ABC's of Numerology helps you quickly learn how to unearth those complex human attributes; excavate the most in-depth and authentic nature of who you are.


Seriita Montiel